Villas Snow and Ice Removal Policy


Background: Since there is nothing in the governing documents of the Berkshire Villas Homes Association regarding the snow and ice removal, the Berkshire Villas Homes Association Board on April 9, 2019 agreed to establish a Snow and Ice Removal Policy. This Policy is based upon a combination of how snow and ice removal has been handled in the past and what is contained in the current provider contract for snow and ice removal. The Snow and Ice Removal Policy (which is subject to revision by future Board action) is as follows:

  1. There will be a 2-inch trigger for snow and ice removal for driveways of each Villa home, walkways from the driveway to the front door of each Villa home, and sidewalks along 124th Street adjacent to those Villa homes in the Berkshire Villas neighborhood. In addition, pursuant to the Cost Sharing Agreement entered into with the HOA on August 31, 2018, snow will also be removed from the sidewalk adjacent to the Villas along Roe Avenue south of 124th Street.
  2. In general, snow will be removed as soon as possible after the 2 plus inch snowfall is complete. If, however, the forecast calls for additional imminent snow, the Berkshire Villa Homes Association Board will have the option to delay the snow removal until after the additional snowfall is complete.
  • It is the Board’s opinion that ice melt, salt, and similar products should not be used on driveways, walkways, and sidewalks since these products are known to cause damage to the concrete. Residents may however use these products themselves on their driveways, walkways, and sidewalks (or have them applied) at their own risk.