Plants Around Common Parking Policy

                            Plants Around Common Area Parking Policy Statement

At the Villa Board meeting on July 9, 2019, the subject of replacing plants around common area parking pads was discussed. It was noted that presently the Villas maintains virtually all shrubs in the neighborhood including trimming and spraying for insects. However, since the shrubs are probably technically located on private property, it would be the homeowner’s responsibility to replace such shrubs as necessary. Notwithstanding the above, it was decided that the shrubs in question are basically in place to screen homes from the common area parking pads and are therefore more of a common area improvement that should be the responsibility of the Villas. Accordingly, it was moved and approved to have the Villas completely maintain the plants around common area parking pads including replacing the plants as necessary. However, it will remain the obligation of the homeowner(s) with property adjacent to the parking areas to water the plants as needed, and any replacement required as a result of the failure of the homeowner to water will not be paid for by the Villas.